All Things Need To Know Before Travelling To Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is also known as Pearl Island. It’s the largest island of Vietnam, is also the largest island in a population of 22 islands. Located in the Gulf of Thailand. Phu Quoc island and other islands form the Phu Quoc island district of Kien Giang province.

How Phu Quoc Island Is Unique?

The whole island district has a total area of ​​589.23 km². Duong Dong Town, located in the northwest, is the capital of the island district. Far from Rach Gia about 120km and 45 km from Ha Tien town. In 2006, the Kien Giang Coastal was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

Phu Quoc tourism is strongly invested in transportation infrastructure and accommodation. There are many direct flights from domestic and foreign are set up to Phu Quoc, hundreds of large resorts are built.

Phu Quoc has 22 large and small islands, of which the largest is Phu Quoc Island. Which covers an area of ​​574 km² (56,200 ha), 50 km long, 25 km wide in the north of the island. The highest point is 603 m (Lord Mountain). The natural topography runs from south to north with 99 hills. The shallow sea areas are less than 10 m deep. However, the small island cluster of An Thoi port is completely separated from the southern tip of Phu Quoc Island by a strait with a depth of more than 60m.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Phu Quoc Island?

You can go to Phu Quoc at any time of the year. But if you do not want to be upset with rain so you can avoid the rainy season (June – October). But dry season of Phu Quoc around November to April. This time will be perfect time for Vietnam beach holidays. If you do not plan to spend a few months in advance (to hunt for cheap airfare) but only schedule a few days before. The weather can be monitored on the weather forecast to be able to choose suitable time.

How To Go To Phu Quoc Island?

Being an island not too far from the mainland and a major tourist center of the West. So Vietnam travel to Phu Quoc you can go by plane or speed boat.


If you go from airplane you can fly directly from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Rach Gia. Airlines currently operating domestic flights to Phu Quoc include VietnamAirline and VietjetAir. Round-trip ticket prices from Saigon range from 1.200k ++ and 1.900k (VietnamAirline) from Hanoi to 3.600k (VietnamAirline)

Hanoi – Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam Airlines operates one Airbus flight from Hanoi to Phu Quoc. Starting at 8:40 and arrives at 10:45. The reverse flight departs from Phu Quoc at 11:35 and arrives at 13:40.

Sai Gon – Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam Airlines operates 17 flights a day with ATR and one flight with Airbus. Viet Jet Air operates a daily flight with Airbus. Flight time is 50 minutes.

Can Tho – Phu Quoc

Vietnam Airlines operates 1 flight with ATR aircraft departing from Can Tho to Phu Quoc at 13:00 and arrive at 13:45. The reverse flight departs from Phu Quoc at 11:35 and arrives at 12:20.

High speed board to Phu Quoc Island

High-speed board to Phu Quoc usually depart from Ha Tien or Rach Gia, the port of Phu Quoc will be Ham Ninh or Da Chong, depending on the weather conditions at sea, but the travel time will change. To move to Ha Tien, Rach Gia you can refer to information about the route to Kien Giang

Transportation In Phu Quoc

On the island of Phu Quoc always available taxi services, car rental service for the delegation. However, if you do not have a baby and old people, you should rent a motorbike to discover Phu Quoc more conveniently and economically. Motorbike rental in Phu Quoc is around 150k / day, gasoline car dump

Accommodation In Phu Quoc Island

As one of the leading tourist destinations in Vietnam. The resort system in Phu Quoc is the most diversified and nationwide. Depending on the budget. You can choose the popular resort about 1000k 1 night to the resort to the price up to 10000k ++. However, Phu Quoc is not short of affordable hotels. But the quality is very good for your reference, often these hotels will be around in the Duong Dong town area. swimming pool, private beach. Also other services are enough to make you have a comfortable trip in Phu Quoc.

Homestay in Phu Quoc

Homestay is a form of tourism with local people, dining and activities to learn more about indigenous cultural features. In fact, homestay in Phu Quoc is not much like other area in Vietnam. Because most of the accommodation on the island is due to people from other places to business. You can find some real homestay in the An Thoi island. Homestay now have been expanded to include hotels, lodges with dorm rooms. It’s very popular option for backpackers. These rooms are very suitable for those who travel alone, often move out to go out and just back to the hotel room to sleep.

What To Eat When Traveling To Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has many places to eat for you, if you can discover the place just delicious fit your taste is certainly very interesting, right? If you just love to lie in your room every morning or after a day out, then believes that the food prepared at the hotel you are also quite delicious for you to enjoy.

When traveling to Phu Quoc, if you need seafood restaurants with affordable prices, you can refer to Vietnamese Restaurant. It’s located at 261 Nguyen Trung Truc, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc. Previously in Bai Khem. Where can buy seafood is good and cheap so the quality of seafood is quite good. In addition to herring salad is a specialty, the restaurant is famous for mushroom soup, crab mushroom.

The restaurant offers family space with spacious seating, air conditioning, fresh seafood for guests to choose from. Especially, on rainy days if the family has a small child you can ask for a car for free pick up.Only a few hundred meters from Phu Quoc night market, after dinner you can visit the night market to visit or have fun.

Sightseeing Must To Go In Phu Quoc

Someone who travel to Phu Quoc will also be interested in what to play in Phu Quoc. Previously, Pearl Island was pristine and not many services, but in recent years, the investors massively to Phu Quoc makes this place no longer seem to have peace. But in exchange for full services to serve visitors.

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Located in the Long beach area, northwest of Phu Quoc island, Vinpearl Safari is the largest zoological park in Vietnam. In phase 1, with a scale of 180ha, Vinpearl Safari gathers about 2,000 individuals, representing 140 species of rare animals from all over the world; is divided into two main areas: wildlife park, zoo:

Wildlife Park:

  • 660 individuals of 45 animal species
  • Visitors have the opportunity to view some of the typical animals such as White Angels, Bengal Tigers, African Lion, Giraffe, Zebra and African Wildlife.

The zoo

  • 1,500 individuals of 100 species of animals
  • Some rare species of animals will be taken care of here such as Chimpanzee, Black-legged Black-cheeked Fox, White-cheeked Crested Gibbon, Haunted Gibbon, Haunted Red Guinea and White-tailed Pheasant.

Not only a wildlife park, Vinpearl Safari also serves as a center for storing, preserving and propagating rare and precious animal and plant species of Vietnam and the world.

From the center of Duong Dong town. You can use the free bus of Vinpearl to visit this zoo. Opening hours: 9am – 4pm.

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc


At Phu Quoc Island Aquarium, you will be admired hundreds of species of marine life from all over the world, divided into separate areas such as fresh water, saltwater or cattle.

Alternatively, exciting shows such as the mermaid’s performance, or the fish show will also be held daily in this beautiful Aquarium.


  • Fish Salmon Program: 11:00 am and 3:00 pm
  • Fish Feed Program: 10:00 am and 5:00 pm

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is a complex of beaches and a variety of exciting, fun, exciting underwater games for all ages. In the midst of the vast space of water, you will burn your energy with games, experiences, endless fun. With games such as Tornado Cyclone, Super slider, Multi-lane slider

Outdoor play area

In addition to indoor games, Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc also has an outdoor game area with many unique thrilling games such as flying saucers, spinning discs, giant swords.

Indoor game area

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc’s amusement park offers a wide variety of games that are suitable for a variety of ages. Beside the high tech games area such as: 3D virtual world games, fairy gardens…, there is also a large 5D movie theater with capacity up to hundreds of people.


It was revealed that “the most magnificent stage in the history of Miss Vietnam” – Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc will be the crowning place of Vietnam’s 2014 beauty. With a capacity of up to thousands of people , modern and sophisticated investment, Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Water Music Theater will not only be the place of beauty. But also the place where art and music flourish.

In this show, visitors will enjoy and be enthralled by the attractive performances, familiarize with the strange black seagulls intelligent strange performances to greet the audience, swimming on land jumping around or swimming around. Or cute, hyperactive dolphins – the protagonist of the show. Audiences will see the acrobatics on the air, or more attractive than the strange dance steps with Coach, painting, pushing the Train glide on the water. Dolphins like children compete in each game to receive food from the coaches.

Viewing coral reefs in An Thoi

In the An Thoi archipelago, there are many places where you can enjoy coral reefs and fishing, as there are about 18 islands but only about 12 large and small islands such as Hon Thom, Hon Tam, Hon Dau, Hon island. Coconut, Hon Tam,… is the most beautiful coral.

Fishing activities

Going to Phu Quoc without fishing is a unique attraction in this beautiful jade island. Being on a fishing boat watching the calm blue sea, to the reefs focused man who is the group fish, tram fish, lizard fish, copperfish and jerking the second sentence is difficult to describe.

From An Thoi, the boat will take you to the calm and less waves. Here you will enjoy the sea fishing fun with fishing hooks (fishing hooks wrapped in small tubes) along with sliced ​​squids to prey. If you are smart, you can also catch the fish bowls.

Night squid in Phu Quoc

If you go to Phu Quoc on the occasion of the sea. You also have the opportunity to experience one of the most interesting activities that night is the squid fishing. The squid attracts visitors not only the unique way (no need to bait) squid is also a beautiful memory of the tourists love the sea. It’s great to have your hands squirted under the sea or pick up the swordfish, blue fish floating on the sea.

Kayaking in Khem Beach

In the past, the Khem area was under the administration of the military. Due to its quiet terrain suitable for the exercise, so Khem Beach retained many early features, not affecting the infrastructure calendar.

All services at Khem beach are considered very affordable. Khem beach also offers fishing and kayaking services, at very cheap prices. With fishing service in Tien Well and snorkeling for 400,000 VND for 4 people, you will be provided with fishing tools and charcoal grilling.

You should buy more drinks, shrimp, crabs, crabs to improve meals on board. Phu Quoc tours with kayaking, canoe for two people in 30 minutes cost 40,000 VND, one boat for 30 minutes cost 30,000 VND.

Motorcycle riding in Bai Sao

Travelers to Sao beach, if interested in thrilling games, can rent a water motorbike to explore the surrounding waters.

Note: Driving a water motor is quite dangerous and should have staff to guide you, if you do not know you should not drive alone to avoid the accident.

Tourist Spots In Phu Quoc.

Taking Duong Dong town as the boundary. Phu Quoc is divided into two distinct areas that are north of the island and south of the island. On each side there are interesting tourist attractions that you should not ignore.

For more convenient then you should arrange time to go each side and then invite to the other.

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